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Solve loop in removed slice user slice of gdm


This article aims to solve the problem of loop in “removed slice user slice of gdm” on Ubuntu 16.04 when the system is startup.

Note: Though this is for Ubuntu 16.04.6, it may still adapt to the similar version like Ubuntu 18.04.


It is because of the failure load of Nvidia drivers or lack of dependences. If try to run the command:


It will feedback that it cannot communicate with the Nvidia drivers.

Step 1. Startup with recovery mode

Startup with recovery mode to repair system. Details can be found in Step 1 of the article below.

Step 2. Enable network and check system

Enable network and run “dpkg” to repair broken packages as Step 2 and Step 5 in the article above.

Step 3. Resume and try to startup

Choose “resume” and try to startup. If the gnome desktop loaded again successfully, the tutorial is finished here.

If not, please continue to check Nvidia driver as below.

Step 4. Start terminal with root in recovery mode

Enable network again and start the terminal with root, with Step 3 Part 1 in the referenced article above.

Step 5. Uninstall Nvidia drivers

Uninstall Nvidia driver with the command below:

sudo /usr/bin/nvidia-uninstall

Or with another command:

sudo apt-get install autoremove --purge nvidia*

Then run the command to remove unuseful dependences:

sudo apt autoremove

Step 6. Reinstall Nvidia drives

Refer to Step 3 of the article below:

Step 7. Reboot

Reboot the computer and it is OK now.

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