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Use Settings Sync extension in VSCode to sync settings.


VSCode is a widely used open source editor which can be used in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. With plenty of extensions, it can support completion, compilation and debugging functions of multiple programming languages. However, it is very troublesome to reconfigure the environment every time when the computer or environment is changed. This article will record how to use the extension Settings Sync to sync configuration on different computer or environment.

Step 1. Install Settings Sync extension

Open VSCode, search and install the extension Settings Sync:

Step 2. Login with Github

Click on button “Login with Github”:

A new window will appear and login your Github account. If you do not have that, sign up first and then login. Follow the guide and then return to VSCode when the guide finished successfully.

Step 3. Create a new GIST or selecting exist one

Condition 1: Create a new GIST

If it is the first time you use Settings Sync, a new GIST will be created automatically.

Condition 2: Select an exist GIST

If you have already had GIST, a new window will ask you to select an exist GIST or skip to create a new GIST:

Step 4. Upload or download your settings

Upload your settings

Press Shift + Alt + U

Download your settings

Press Shift + Alt + D

Notice: The successful message will be output in the output option if upload success.

Step 5. Download Settings on a new environment

Configure Settings Sync extension as above in the new environment, then press the shortcut Shift + Alt + D to download settings.

(Optional) Step 6. Advance Options

You can use command “Sync: Advance Options” to enable or disable auto-upload or auto-download functions if necessary.


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